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The InterRelations Collaborative expresses deep gratitude to New York City visual artist, Faith Ringgold, and her artist assistant, Grace Matthews, for exquisite design and construction of the Peace Story Quilt.


Viewer Feedback:

"Lovely, important and impactful." FL, ACA Galleries

"What a glorious testimony where art and social consciousness meet in harmony.  Thank you all for the beautiful quilts and sentiments of peace!"  RA, Queens College, New York City Art Teachers Association (NYCATA) Conference

"Impressive and important work.  A powerful way to come together, share art and make peace flourish." JC, NYCATA Conference

"I am so touched by the visions of the children, the artists, the creators.  It will leave a print on my memory forever.  At this time, we need hope.  We need to believe that peace is possible.  These quilts attest to all that possibility!"  MC, AAAS Multicultural Connections Conference, Grand Hyatt
"The quilt is beautiful.  The talent and emotions it displays is inspiring for both young and old alike."  LC, National Endowment for the Arts Initiative, "The Big Read," International Festival of Arts & Ideas
"It is beautiful and at the same time wonderful to know there is a movement from the youth that speaks to peace.  Thank you for your beautiful quilt.  It brings the hope that the youth are not entrenched in hate but peace."  DR, Network for Peace Through Dialogue Conference, Marymount Manhattan College
"I was really moved and inspired by your quilt!  You give us all such hope."  MN, Network for Peace Through Dialogue Conference, Marymount Manhattan College

"At a 9/11 commemorative event, we were inspired by the peace quilt and book as well as words from young people.  One of these young authorsCurtis Glover, and his words in the book haunted us.  He wrote of the need for all humans to work together for peace.  He spoke of how the older generations had betrayed the younger generation by engaging in violence instead of focusing on the aspirations of all people.  The image on the quilt that he made is of the earth, united with no boundaries.  It is the third one down in the left row in the middle quiltI never met this young man until today; meeting him through his drawings and his writing, and hence in his spirit and his determination for peace.  This encounter made me reflect on all the people we lost on 9/11/01 and since then.  The only meaningful way to remember is to rededicate our lives for peace."  MQ, Six-Year Commemoration, Battell Chapel, Yale University


Curtis Glover, LSNC


IRC congratulates the following students (ages 8-19) for their exceptional contributions to IRC's Peace Book and Peace Quilt Projects:  Amankae Ambia (PS 372), Romeo Ardimento (PS 372), Misreen Awawdeh (UPROSE), Murad Awawdeh (UPROSE), Carlos Ayala (BHC), Sana Bando (PS 372), Tyler Beckles (PS/IS 308), Jessica Berger (PS 108), Samuel Chan (CPC), Charles Colbert (LSNC), Curtis Glover (LSNC), Vielka Gomez (BHC), Emmanuel Guerrero (BHC), Zubair Haque (YWCA), Gisela Hernandez (BHC), Javonni Johnson (PS/IS 308), Yathin L (PS 108), Abe Lee (YWCA), Lina Lee (YWCA), Amber Leyba (BHC), Jessica Liu (CPC/Bklyn), Jiani Liu (FHCH), Karim Lovelace (YMPJ), Linda Luo (CPC), Ellysa Magloire (PS 372), Jade Mitchell (PS/IS 308), Taylor Morgan (PS 372), Jessie Pan (CPC), Heidi Park (YWCA), Victoria Pavlov (PS 108), Andrea Perez (BHC), Nadira Persaud (FHCH), Neil Ramkissoon (FHCH), Jennifer Rodriguez (GSSH), Leah Romero (BHC), Henry Saenz (UPROSE), Jennique Sanford (GSSH), Ciera Sanford (GSSH), Tamiera Sanford (GSSH), Simon Smith (PS 372), Nicole Spencer (PS 372), Ashley Stephens (GSSH), Eva Yu (CPC/Bklyn), Maxine Yu (CPC/Bklyn), Jennifer Zhao (CPC/Bklyn), Yusen Zheng (PS 108)



Misreen Awawdeh & Taylor Morgan, UPROSE / PS 372

The Collaborative also expresses appreciation to the following community agency staff and public school teachers for mobilizing outstanding students for IRC's Post-9/11 Arts & Literacy Programs:  Ozzie Arajuo (FHCH), Amiyr Barclift (PS/IS 308), Thanh Bui (GSSH), Rafaella Capellan (BHC), Johanny Cepeda (GSSH), Susanne Cranston (PS 372), Oscar Gee (CPC/Bklyn), Jenny Huang (CPC), Songyun Kang (YWCA), Won Kang (YWCA), Susan Matloff-Nieves (FHCH), Roxy McCarroll (LSNC), Robin J. Miller (PS 108), Barry O'Connor (FHCH), Stephanie Pinder (LSNC), Ana Ofelia Rodriguez (BHC), Margarita Rosa (GSSH), Pablo Tejada (GSSH), Alexie Torres-Fleming (YMPJ), Elizabeth Yeampierre (UPROSE), Judy Yu (CPC)


Lina Lee & Yathin Latif, YWCA/Queens / PS 108


IRC also expresses our appreciation to the following community organizations and public schools for their empowering participation and support of IRC's PeaceMaking Initiative:  Broadway Housing Communities (BHC), Chinese American Planning Council (CPC), Forest Hills Community House (FHCH), Grand Street Settlement House (GSSH), Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center (LSNC), The Philip J. Abinanti School (PS 108), The Children’s School (PS 372), The Clara Cardwell School (PS/IS 308), United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park (UPROSE), Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice (YMPJ), YWCA Flushing Center (YWCA).


Vielka Gomez & Leah Romero, BHC


If your community organization, school, university, museum or gallery would like to be included on the Peace Story Quilt's journey to spread young New Yorker's call to peace and understanding, please Contact Us.

See:  Peace Quilt's itinerary.

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