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Vielka Gomez & Leah Romero, BHC





9/11 Peace Pie


9/11 PeaceMakers from boroughs across New York City designed their 9/11 Peace Pie to send their healing and peace-building message from coast to coast.  They described the creative process saying:  "We decided to create a flower to symbolize and celebrate the growth of the 9/11 Peace Project.  Our contributions are represented by the little thumbprints that are blossoming from the center.  The project budded from a small collaborative workshop between different youth groups to address the 9/11 tragedy -- to a book, a quilt, and an inspirational model for peace, unity, and solidarity.  We are fortunate to have the 9/11 Peace Project radiantly spanning outwards to schools, universities, museums and hopefully one day throughout the world."  They created their 9/11 Peace Pie using project memorabilia such as photographic proofs from the first printing of the Peace Book, and flyers and programs from Peace Quilt exhibits documenting the Peace Quilt's journey from hard copy to canvas.   9/11 Peace PieMakers, Carlos Ayala, Charles Colbert and Jessica Liu, who helped author and illustrate their original Peace Book in 2001, are now graduates of Adelphi University, Manhattanville College and The State University of New York at Stony Brook.   The 9/11 Peace Pie was displayed at the invitation of Bay Area artist, Flo Oy Wong, at her NEA-funded exhibit, The Whole Pie, in San Francisco to "promote inclusion and respect" and "reduce intergroup tensions."



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